TMP900382683his year’s tax season is off to a late start, with the IRS not opening until January 30th, and other regulatory agencies adding more requirements and deadlines to the tax preparers. Having said that, I will begin seeing clients in February, but may not be able to offer certain services until closer March. Know that I am working hard to catch up with all the new requirements hitting independent preparers like me.

As you recall from last year, I’ve moved to Tracy, and for the most part will only hold face-to-face appointments in Tracy or Modesto.  I’m looking for a cost-effective way to have a “drop-off” time and location for my Bay Area clients.  I’m open to suggestions!

Here are some options for getting your paperwork to me without having a face-to-face visit:

  • fax to: 510-868-2929
  • mail to: 1852 W. 11th Street #586, Tracy CA 95376
  • email:

Here are some options for face-to-face appointments

Face-to-Face appointments are available during the following times:

  • Wednesdays: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Thursdays: after 7:0opm
  • Fridays: 9:00am – 8:30pm
  • Saturdays: 10:00pm – 2:30pm

Additionally, effective 2011, my new operating policies are:

  1. Home visits – With the exception of my elder clients, I will no longer be able to make home visits. All face-to-face appointments must be in accordance with the days/times show above.
  2. Printed documents – I will now only provide complimentary printouts of your informational letter, Form 1040 and Form 540 only; this amounts to 6 pages. You can receive a full-printout of your documents for a fee of $6.00 OR you may access your complete tax return filing via a secure downloadable link to your email for FREE.
  3. E-FILE will now be FREE to you, but mail-in filings will cost the $6.00 fee indicated above.
  4. Shipping – If you would like me to mail your documents to you, this service will be provided using USPS Priority Mail Flat rate with delivery confirmation for fee of $6.00.
  5. Payment for my services – Please be prepared to pay your tax preparation fees at the time the work is completed. You may pay via cash, check, or credit card. I will accept post-dated checks for up to two weeks from the date of service.

I look forward to serving you again!

All the best,

Michelle Walker-Wade, IRS Registered Tax Preparer
Michelle Walker-Wade, IRS Registered Tax Preparer

3 thoughts on “2013 Tax Season – Income Tax Preparation by Michelle Walker-Wade

  1. Hello there my favorite tax preparer EVER! Ted and I would like to book a Thursday evening appointment in Tracy if possible. Thanks much, we’re both looking forward to seeing you and (of course) doing business with you.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve heard of tax preparation modesto before, but I’m not sure exactly what it means. Will someone please explain it to me? Research didn’t help.

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