customer-service-on-holdDue to major budget cuts in the IRS you should expect:

  • Delays in refunds are expected especially for taxpayers who are still filing paper returns
  • Major sloooowwww downs on tax returns errors
  • Extensive delays on getting questions answered on the phone due to the reduced number of IRS agents. I’m already hearing reports of people sitting on hold for over an hour (and the busiest part of tax season is yet to come).

According to CNNMoney, this could be the most miserable tax season we’ve seen in years.  One thing I do not expect the IRS to slack on, and that’s hunting down people who are breaking the system by committing tax fraud.

Ready, Set…Go Slow

Michelle Walker-Wade, CRTP, RTRP
Michelle Walker-Wade, CRTP, RTRP

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