It’s Tax Time – What Do I Need?

You only do it once a year, so it can be difficult to remember what documents are needed.   If I’m your tax preparer, start with this one 2016 Client Tax Questionnaire Client Tax Questionnaire, and provide a copy of your social security card and your state issued identification. Next, do the following: FIRST – — Verify the […]

Tax Season 2014 Has Begun – Yes, I’m Preparing Taxes this Year

Hello Clients and Friends I’m sure many of you have wondered just where is your dear tax lady Michelle.  Well, I am still here and have been trying to figure out how to make this tax season work for us. I have many uncertainties and demands on my schedule, making it difficult (if not impossible) […]

Can I Claim My Spouse As a DEPENDENT? — NO

I keep hearing this crazy notion of one spouse claiming the other spouse as a dependent.  What’s most disturbing is that I’m hearing tax preparers state this absurdity, sending their clients on wild goose chases to gather sufficient documentation as proof that their spouse has no gross income so they can claim the spouse as […]

2013 Tax Season – Income Tax Preparation by Michelle Walker-Wade

This year’s tax season is off to a late start, with the IRS not opening until January 30th, and other regulatory agencies adding more requirements and deadlines to the tax preparers. Having said that, I will begin seeing clients in February, but may not be able to offer certain services until closer March. Know that […]

When Will the 2013 Tax Season BEGIN?

With all of the tax law changes Congress made the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), the Internal Revenue Service announced the 2013 filing season will begin  January 30th. The IRS hoped to open by January 22nd, but there is just too much work needed to update the tax code and reprogram the systems. Most filers […]