Time Needs a Gatekeeper

Soloprenures and Entrepreneurs: Stop wasting your time [video]

From CEOs to Soloprenures – We all need gatekeepers If you are really running a REAL business with the intention of making revenues, you SHOULD BE concerned about maximizing the use of your time. Often times customers do not understand the value of your time.  YOU must help them understand. In Anthony Parinello’s book, Secrets […]

The Uprising of Black Businesses – Episode 006 [Video]

In the wake of all the social unrest over the lives and plight of Blacks in America, conversations about the uprising of Black-owned businesses are everywhere. In recent days many people have learned the history of Tulsa Black Wallstreet. Thus the idea that Blacks all across the nation can and should recreate business conglomerates to […]

Little Ways Having a Side Biz Helps You Keep More Of Your Money (video) – Ep005

This is episode 005 in the Words About Work, Wealth and Money series. In this video I present a “case study” on little ways having a side biz helps you keep more of your money. I discuss these four phrases originally presented in episode 001 of Work, Wealth and Money. Have a legitimate Side Biz […]

Words About Work, Wealth and Money (Video) – Ep001

When I posted all those short phrases on work, wealth and money the other day is was by sheer inspiration of HG in that moment. And now I’m inspired to take those phrases to the next level by creating this video of me expounding on each phrase. A few people already asked to hear more. […]

I Have Business Expenses – What Do I Need to Write Them Off?

Alright my lovely business owner, freelancer, independent contractor, gig-worker, side hustler, solopreneur … You get the picture. You’ve been spending money working one your business, and you want to know how you can use those business expenses as a deduction against your income. There are so many details I can and should share with you […]

I Provide Professional Services! Do I Qualify for the QBI or not?

This is by far one of the most bizarre tax code complications I’ve seen this year. So if I’m confused, I’m sure you are too. But, finally the IRS has decided to clarify who is, and is not included on the specified service trades or businesses (SSTB) list, and therefore disqualified to receive the Qualified […]

IRS Hit A Self-Employed Individual for $7k in Back Taxes!

My sole proprietor clients think I’m hard on them. They wish I’d leave them alone about maintaining a separate bank account for their business. They don’t want to hear me go on and on about not co-mingling funds, depositing and reporting every dollar made in business, and not over-stating expenses. There are several reasons I […]

Do You Make Charitable Contributions From Your Business???

So you enjoy giving money to charitable organizations, do you???  Yes! I knew you did. You love to give to great causes and so do I. So give and don’t stop. In addition to the good feeling of giving, it’s also kinda nice knowing you can write those donation off on your taxes. Right??? Well.. […]

Did You Pay Anyone More Than $600 in 2018? — Get your 1099-misc filed by 1/31

I’ve beat this topic to death in years past, so I won’t go into all the intricate details in this blog. So please… before you ask questions about Box 3 vs Box 7, please take time to read through questions from all of the *wishful thinking* people who have gone before you. You can find […]