This Coronavirus pandemic has many of us quite concerned about our personal and business finances. I keep hearing people say: “If Corona doesn’t kill me this financial stress will!”.

Please… Be encouraged and don’t loose hope.

In this blog I’m going to share a few videos and podcasts to help you stay encouraged and sober-minded about your money during this season. I know is stressful and scary for most of us. Let’s not allow that “fear dog” to wag the tail. This is not the end, and IT’S NOT OVER. There’s a scripture that says: “As long as the earth remains there WILL BE seed time and harvest. “(Gen 8:22)

Here are a few simple points to remember:
☑️Spend less

☑️Save some of that stimulus

☑️Wait for the stock market to rebound (it may take a while, but it will rebound); try not to look at your portfolio.

☑️Pick up extra gigs where you can

☑️Keep investing in your future and planting seed in good ground

Be Blessed By These Amazing Voices

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