I’ve curated the information below  from various sources just to show the American tax payers some of the less know details of the Affordable Care Act, A.K.A “Obamacare”.  I have not verified that these facts are actually legitimate, so you may want to research further on your own. Over 2000 pages of law is right here.

Student Loan Forgiveness for the Arts

The deal is that the remaining balance of federal direct loans would be forgiven after the borrower has made 10 years of monthly payments (beginning after Oct 1, 2007) while employed full time by a public service organization. Find all of the details at http://studentaid.ed.gov.” SOURCE: AMERICAN THINKER


Protection for Gun Rights


Funding for a Private Army


Tax on Gold


Long-term Care Tax Deduction From Our Payroll


Medicare Surtax for High Wage Earners


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