According to IRS, they’ve hired some more agents so they can come get’cha. 

IRS Newsroom publication IR-2020-34 published  February 19, 2020 says this:

“Following the recent and ongoing hiring of additional enforcement personnel, IRS revenue officers across the country will increase face-to-face visits with high-income taxpayers who haven’t filed tax returns in 2018 or previous years.”

Listen… YES they are really doing this. High-income earners primarily with w2 income are easy targets. Like sitting ducks.

I’ve been helping a high-income earning client face the dreadful IRS for a few weeks now, and the IRS is not giving much slack at all.  If they can’t get your full and timely cooperation from a distance, these folks plan to come pay you a visit.

You don’t want that.  So…. IF you earn over $100k and haven’t filed your taxes for 2018 or previous, let’s get going!

I can help you and I won’t judge you…. But I will lecture you because it’s what I do.

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