Just how do you go about creating generational wealth for you and your family?  Proverbs 13:22 says: “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.”  Now… just how do you do that?  It starts by getting some financial education.  Then, you’ll need a lot of discipline and mostly liking some coaching.

But let’s start with a little financial education.

In this video I was honored to speak on the topic of: Money For Life –  Money Management, Debt Deliverance & Investing for Mountain Hope Community Worship Center’s Wisdom For Life Wednesdays.  I got to share the “virtual stage” with my long-time leader and Pastor, Apostle Dr. Cynthia L Chess.

This is episode 007 in my series: Words About Work, Wealth and Money.

Points made include:

  • Income allows a family to get by;  wealth allows a family to get ahead.
  • Income vs. wealth
  • Real life income and wealth stories
  • How most people manage their money
  • How $lighly Savvy people manage their money
  • How people who are planning for wealth manage their money

Be blessed by what you hear.

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