Back in the day folks could use certain out-of-pocket employment expenses as a tax write-off; but as 2018 things have changed.  Now, remember… I’m talking about potential w2 employment expenses, NOT self-employment expenses.

Here are some examples of job expenses that were deductible for tax years 2017 and before, but are now not deductible for 2018 and moving forward:
— Union due**** THIS IS HUGE!!!
— Job travel
— Uniforms
— Certain job education expenses
— Professional dues and subscriptions to employment agency fees.
— Job search expenses
— Licenses and regulatory fees
— Safety gear
— Legal fees related to job
— Medical examinations required by employer
— Malpractice insurance premiums
— Tools used for work
— Vehicle expense related to work
— Business meals

**** THIS IS HUGE!!!  The HOME OFFICE DEDUCTION.  So, all of you W2 work-from-home folks, this is huge for you!

Per IRS Publication 529

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