Our tax and business management services provide on-going support with business management, tax planning, marketing coordination, and professional development for you and your team. We uniquely target our services to individuals and organizations who are in that transition between: “This is too much!” and “We’re not quite there… yet.”

Our approach is straight-forward, educational, and full of integrity. In serving your tax and financial needs we do our best to ask all the right questions, educate you on your options, and safeguard you from unnecessary audits.

Business Management & Tax Services

Tax Preparation & Tax planning (S)
  • Individual, Schedule C, 1120, 1065, 990; 1099-misc
Money Management
  • Bookkeeping reviews, on-going review of account bank and credit card debits, credits and balances (M)
  • 1:1 Money management coaching (M) (S)
Small Business Start-Ups
  • Start-up consulting (S) (M)
  • Business daily money management coaching (M)
  • 1:1 Business Transformation coaching (M)
Job Workflow Improvement (M) (S)
  • Assess workflow processes, discuss needs & challenges, brainstorm solutions, assist with implementation

Marketing Coordination

Website Design, Development & Management
  • Conceptualize design and written content (S)
  • Liaison with website developer and content marketing designer (M,S)
  • Maintain existing content, ensure content is current and up-to-date, make minor changes and updates. (M)
  • Write website content (M, S)
  • Write or proofread and edit blog articles (S)
Social Media Coordination (M)
  • Post social media content
  • Engage with community
  • Maintain overall online environment
  • Create still and video graphics for online and print distribution
  • Liaison with other graphic artist for more advanced projects

Professional Development Coordination

Career & Talent Development Services
  • 1:1 career and development planning & goal-setting (M)
  • Assess training needs for work improvement and capacity building (M)
  • Coordinate training events and activities (M)


M = Mix-n-Match (M&M) services as needed on our monthly pricing plans 

S = Separate service; not included in any mix-n-match plan

Mix-Match Pricing Plans

M&M PackagePriceApprox Monthly Service TimeWhat you get
1:1s$951.5 hoursConsult/Coaching only
Genesis$2002.5 hoursService, Consulting & Coaching
Journey$3755 hoursService, Consulting & Coaching
Crown$70010 HoursService, Consulting & Coaching

M-Services are billed by monthly prepay. Cancel anytime simply by not prepaying for the upcoming month. Automatic billing available. Escrow account available via Upwork for an additional 3% charge.

M-Services pricing plans are based on “mostly virtual” services. On-site services negotiable with up-charge if time permits.

S-Services prices vary by customer need and complexity of request.