In the wake of all the social unrest over the lives and plight of Blacks in America, conversations about the uprising of Black-owned businesses are everywhere. In recent days many people have learned the history of Tulsa Black Wallstreet. Thus the idea that Blacks all across the nation can and should recreate business conglomerates to suite. I LOVE hearing this and sooooooo want to see it happen to some degree; however there are many things we must consider.

Watch this video to hear snippets of real conversations I had with at least three different people who are looking to start grassroots efforts like these.

This is Episode 006 of Words About Work, Wealth and Money.

Points discussed include:

  1. Everybody needs a business
  2. Business takes time to build
  3. Can it… should it REALLY be allllll Black???
  4. People who fund and invest in businesses want the KNOW success is HIGHLY LIKELY… and there are some legalities to consider as well
  5. We need businesses of NECESSITY. What are essential products and services? That’s what will sustain the co-op.
  6. People must be trained how to MANAGE business from start to finish; which is very different than just providing the service or product to customers.

This is totally doable, but before you get started check out the guidance Jesus provides in Luke 14:28-30.

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