The Uprising of Black Businesses – Episode 006 [Video]

In the wake of all the social unrest over the lives and plight of Blacks in America, conversations about the uprising of Black-owned businesses are everywhere. In recent days many people have learned the history of Tulsa Black Wallstreet. Thus the idea that Blacks all across the nation can and should recreate business conglomerates to […]

The Plans of The Diligent Prevent Poverty (video) – Ep002

Hello Friends! This is episode 002 in my series called “Words About Work, Wealth and Money” where I present bible-based teaching to help you FIX YOUR MONEY The first 4.5 minutes of the episode is a time of worship and meditation, followed by a teaching from Proverbs 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead surely […]

Words About Work, Wealth and Money (Video) – Ep001

When I posted all those short phrases on work, wealth and money the other day is was by sheer inspiration of HG in that moment. And now I’m inspired to take those phrases to the next level by creating this video of me expounding on each phrase. A few people already asked to hear more. […]