Why I Recommend you OPT OUT of the Advanced Child Tax Credits If You Don’t Need the $$$ Right Now

I’ve received a few questions about the ADVANCED payments on Child Tax credits, and decided to share my thoughts with you all. Unless you really need the advanced child tax payments, I recommend you OPT OUT of receiving them. These payments are ADVANCES on child tax credits you’re expected to receive in 2021.  The advancement […]


The American Rescue Plan Means More $$$ for Most Taxpayers

If you have been following the news, you know the new COVID relief plan should be signed by President Biden today. It’s called The American Rescue Plan. This plan not only includes another $1400 in stimulus payments for tax payers and their dependents, but it also includes other tax benefits for certain individuals applicable for […]

COVID Property Tax and Mortgage Relief for California Home Owners

Governor Newsom signed an executive order suspending penalties and interest for late property tax payments all the way until May 6, 2021.This relief, however, is not automatic. You actually must apply for relief through their county tax assessor, and only applies to people who pay their property tax directly to the county. If you use […]

Little Ways Having a Side Biz Helps You Keep More Of Your Money (video) – Ep005

This is episode 005 in the Words About Work, Wealth and Money series. In this video I present a “case study” on little ways having a side biz helps you keep more of your money. I discuss these four phrases originally presented in episode 001 of Work, Wealth and Money. Have a legitimate Side Biz […]

The Plans of The Diligent Prevent Poverty (video) – Ep002

Hello Friends! This is episode 002 in my series called “Words About Work, Wealth and Money” where I present bible-based teaching to help you FIX YOUR MONEY The first 4.5 minutes of the episode is a time of worship and meditation, followed by a teaching from Proverbs 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead surely […]

Financial Encouragement During COVID19

This Coronavirus pandemic has many of us quite concerned about our personal and business finances. I keep hearing people say: “If Corona doesn’t kill me this financial stress will!”. Please… Be encouraged and don’t loose hope. In this blog I’m going to share a few videos and podcasts to help you stay encouraged and sober-minded […]

Unfiled Taxes From 2018 and prior? It Could Affect Your COVID19 Stimulus Check.

As of today, Congress is still negotiating the COVID-19 Stimulus payment checks. Once settled they will work with the IRS to get those checks out to us. Yes… I said Congress is working with IRS; SO if you have not filed prior year taxes, you may have an issue on your hands.  Here’s a statement […]

UPDATE: 2019 IRS and CA Tax FILING and PAYMENTS Extension Now July 15th

The news regarding COVID-19 is forever changing. I will do my best to keep you updated with information pertaining to tax filings, payments and a few other interesting financial news. As of today, March 20, 2020 the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board have both changed their tax filing AND payments deadline to July 15, […]