It’s Tax Time – What Do I Need?

You only do it once a year, so it can be difficult to remember what documents are needed.   If I’m your tax preparer, start with this one 2016 Client Tax Questionnaire Client Tax Questionnaire, and provide a copy of your social security card and your state issued identification. Next, do the following: FIRST – — Verify the […]

Can I Claim My Spouse As a DEPENDENT? — NO

I keep hearing this crazy notion of one spouse claiming the other spouse as a dependent.  What’s most disturbing is that I’m hearing tax preparers state this absurdity, sending their clients on wild goose chases to gather sufficient documentation as proof that their spouse has no gross income so they can claim the spouse as […]

The 2011 TAX DEADLINE is almost here!

Hello Clients!  This year’s tax deadline is April 17th and that’s just 12 days away. If you’ would like your income taxes prepared and/or finalized by this deadline please get your information to me by April 13th.  You can send your information via fax, email, or mail.  You may also make an appointment to meet […]

Should She Claim Her Adult Son as A Dependent?

In this tough economy we see millions of degreed adults unable to find work. As a result, many have returned home to live with family, gone back to school to learn a new skill, and are most likely receiving some kind of government benefit such as unemployment insurance payments and/or cash aide (welfare, food stamps). […]

2011 Minimum Income Requirements to File a Federal Income Tax Return

Wondering if you HAVE TO file taxes this year?  Take a look at the chart below.  Find your tax filing status and then cross reference it with the income you received from all sources in 2011.  These figures only apply to people who are NOT being claimed as someone’s dependent.  Read my blog “Should She […]

IRS Inadequacies -You Need To Know This

With the technology and requirement of e-file in place, the IRS customer service and document processing activities are more automated than ever. It’s easier to file your taxes, we’re not printing tons of paper copies any more, and the turn around time of the average refund has gone from 6 weeks to 2 weeks – […]

It’s 2012 and Time To Get Ready For Tax Season – Webinar

Hello clients. Please take 20 minutes to watch and read this webinar.  So much has changed in 2011. This webinar is designed to give you up-to-date information about changes to my tax services and fees starting this tax filing season. 2011 was another volatile year in our personal lives, economy, and government, so naturally all […]