Wondering if you HAVE TO file taxes this year?  Take a look at the chart below.  Find your tax filing status and then cross reference it with the income you received from all sources in 2011.  These figures only apply to people who are NOT being claimed as someone’s dependent.  Read my blog “Should She Claim Her Adult Son as a Dependent” and/or see IRS Pub 292 for information on dependents who must file a tax return for insight on that topic.

If you have any clarifying questions as to what your legal status might be and/or what sources of income must be included in your calculation, just post the question here and I’ll respond back!  Thanks

For Taxpayers Who Are NOT being claimed As Someone’s Dependent

If your filing status is…

AND at the end of 2010 you were…* 

THEN file a return if your gross income was at least…***


under 65


65 or older


married filing jointly***

under 65 (both spouses)


65 or older (one spouse)


65 or older (both spouses)


married filing separately

any age


head of household

under 65


65 or older


qualifying widow(er) with dependent child

under 65


65 or older


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