Lady laying on a stack of papers. Stunned.

Taxpayers often think every tax year looks, acts and will turn out the same. This is sooooo not true, and it never has been. Things this tax year (tax year 2021) will be unpredictable and chaotic even more-so now that we are dealing with “multiple tax codes” as a result of all the tax changes brought on by the pandemic. The changes from 2019 to 2020 to 2021 are DRAMATIC. 

Hence the reason why we tax pros are exhausted. LOL 

Check out the changes we’re dealing with as we prepare your 2021 taxes! It will be another one for the BOOKS!

  • Tax Year 2017 and Previous: Prior to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Tax Years 2018 and 19: Post-TCJA, But Pre-COVID (except for retroactive provisions, of course!)
  • Tax Year 2020: COVID Chaos
  • Tax Year 2021: More COVID Chaos
  • Tax Year 2021: Crypto taxation!!!!

This may mean nothing to you if you’re not a tax code geek, but to those of us who are, it’s massive.

So, listen, be kind to your Tax Pro. Even through the chaos we’re still on your side.

Let’s get them done!

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